A Cat-Preserving Operation (catamorphism) wrote in rms_smellings,
A Cat-Preserving Operation

A third-hand but still smelly RMS smelling

I heard the following story at the Hackathon, which begged to be shared.

Apparently, RMS was once really into folk dancing, until he injured his knees, couldn't move anymore, and got fat (as the person telling this story said, and as I would concur with, "I can relate.") Apparently, and I more or less knew this but it's still a disturbing thing to think about, RMS is quite known for "macking on anything female". Well, these two things meant that in the MIT folk dancing club, RMS usually caused trouble for any female members. So, it got to the point that whenever a woman would join the club, the organizers would take her aside, point out RMS, and tell her "don't mind that guy, he's a deranged nutcase but we can't stop him showing up." They gave this spiel to a particular woman, who was then seen in a corner arguing with RMS for about 30-45 minutes.

She returned, and told the organizers, "You're right, that guy is crazy. He just spent half an hour trying to convince me that he was Richard Stallman."
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