A Cat-Preserving Operation (catamorphism) wrote in rms_smellings,
A Cat-Preserving Operation


Two years ago, or so, RMS gave a talk at my university. I had been SPECIFICALLY warned (by actualhuman) that, if I had the (fantastic) opportunity to talk to him, I should be sure to say "GNU/Linux" and not "Linux". At the reception afterwards, of course, I forgot, and immediately made some insipid remark about how easy it is to install Linux these days. Need more be said?

After that, my officemate asked him for a job (and was turned down), and after that, he practically got into a fistfight with one of the developers of VideoGIMP over the same GNU/Linux-vs.-Linux issue. And stuffed a prodigious amount of cookies into his mouth, which inspired a scene in this.

Long before that, my undergrad advisor (who was a grad student at MIT when RMS was hanging out there) told a story about how RMS, who lived in his (RMS's, that is) office at the time, liked to hang around the AI Lab with no shirt on. The suits from various funding agencies who would sometimes drop by got kind of upset by this, and RMS was asked to start wearing clothes in the department. In response, he started an anti-shirt-wearing campaign and encouraged everyone else at the AI Lab to join him for a naked protest. No one took him up on it.
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